Attorney David Band  –  Hopes you make it through the aftermath of Hurricane Ida okay.  We’re open for notarizing claim forms, applications, etc.

David Band - New Orleans Attorney

David Band is a Dedicated Attorney serving the Citizens of New Orleans since 1972.  With David Band on your side and your counsel, you can rest assured knowing that everything that can be done will be done in order to assist you in order to assist you with your legal means.  My office is located at 422 S. Broad St., right across from the Criminal Court Building.  Call (504) 822-2263 to schedule y our appointment.  Our office is easily accessible, located in a two story building in Mid- City above  the AddisNOLA Ethiopian Restaurant with free off street parking in our own parking lot.

Mr. Band often answers his own phone which, even after hours, is forwarded to his cell phone, and his law practice handles all kinds of cases for all kinds of people. By helping ordinary people, and developing a 40 + year client base, we find that major cases drop in from the most unexpected sources from which substantial recoveries can be earned. The Band Law Firm produces major fees by producing for the client – which he has been doing for over 40 years – both small and large cases. Personal Injury cases are handled on a contingency basis (No charges unless you effect a recovery – the “Poor Man’s Key to the Courthouse”) while the Law Firm accepts VISA and Mastercard for the many other cases of Divorce, Civil Litigation, and Criminal Cases. We are building a firm of lawyers who will focus on specialty areas of law, whether it be personal injury, bankruptcy, criminal, domestic, or traffic. David Band directs the lawyer closely if he is not handling the case himself, and in any event, the client is always welcome to work with David Band personally.

The Law Office of David Band (for the last 50 years) is only half a block from the Orleans Parish Criminal Courts Building near the intersection of Tulane and Broad. The office is architecturally significant, survived Hurricane Katrina, and is “cool” with all new air conditioning. In fact, we were the first one back in a neighborhood devastated by the Hurricane.   And even now, we have just dealt with another Hurricane, Ada which wiped out great parts of the area. Kinda makes you wonder why people stick about just to take these beatings.

Anyway,  we have plenty of complimentary OFF-STREET PARKING, and love to sit out in the back yard under the pecan tree and barbeque (between clients). The office on S. Broad Street is totally back, and we have a tenant on the ground floor, AddisNOLA Ethiopian Kitchen which is open and with a full commercial kitchen, coffee shop, and meeting rooms. This trendy restaurant is turning out to be the epicenter of New Orleans’ politics and a meeting place for attorneys, law enforcement, jurors and other people with business at the busy Tulane and Broad Area.   Although we handle some CRIMINAL cases, in fact, we specialize in PERSONAL INJURY cases. NO ONE preserves your personal injury evidence (photographs of the injury, accident scene, etc.) better or faster for the most effective presentation to adjusters or in court. David Band is an expert photographer and will take brilliant photos immediately which is the secret way to get top dollar for a PI case. We also have extensive experience in DOMESTIC relations, divorce, alimony, child custody and support, MUNICIPAL and TRAFFIC, misdemeanors, DWI, traffic tickets, and a well rounded, general assortment of all types of cases.

Our computer network has templates for thousands of forms and processes to untangle every person’s legal problems, and we can offer immediate filing in the various courts in and around New Orleans. Come on in. Mr. Band likes to talk to current and prospective clients on simple walk-ins in between quite complex matters. David Band prides himself on being a friendly guy – often a sharp contrast to the larger more impersonal firms downtown.

David Band has longed to cut a TV Commercial saying: “Don’t you believe all those huckster lawyers’ advertising on TV these days”. In spite of what they say, a personal injury lawsuit is not a lottery where you strike it rich just from hiring that lawyer. The truth is that you will not get those ridiculous results unless 1) You have a serious injury 2) The accident was the fault of the other party and not you 3) The other party has good liability insurance, and 4) The policy which covers the accident is substantial. Sadly, all too often, all four of these conditions are not present, and you will not get over a hundred thousand dollars. But those lawyers advertising are misleading the public, demeaning the profession of lawyers, and driving up insurance rates because of the powerful insurance lobby which gleefully gets to insinuate that “premiums should be exorbitant because claims are so unrealistic.” When you hire a lawyer, David Band won’t build false hopes – just explain to you what is expected and recover for you a reasonable amount of damages for your claim based on the above four factors. Unfortunately, by making such a commercial, he would be engaging in the same kind of tasteless advertising he abhors – so it’s a dilemma we still haven’t resolved.

Practicing law for 51 years at the same South Broad Street location, David Band is down to earth and accessible. The office phone is forwarded to his cell phone so you can reach him personally 24 hours a day. While some attorneys spend millions to advertise extensively for only personal injury clients, the fact is that those attorneys usually handle only personal injury and do not have full service law firms; after the first call, the client probably won’t ever speak to an attorney again, as his case will be handled by a clerical paralegal in the big Personal Injury mill. We’re not just a personal injury firm, but a well rounded firm, with extensive experience handling a myriad of many common legal problems. And we do it all, because we want to build a client base from which the serious personal injury cases ultimately surface. We try to help individuals as their family lawyer, so that when a serious accident case arises, you’ll think of us.

Prospective clients should know that the law offices of David Band are established, having been in the same place on Broad Street in New Orleans since 1972. Mr. Band has himself had back surgery and understands the pain of a herniated disc and sciatica, and would never settle a serious back injury case prematurely. The life long consequences are just too great to get hustled through a quick settlement. David Band is there for his clients as the pages on this site will show for visitors who take the time to browse.

We are a persistent Law Firm with experience in a wide range of legal specialties. While we do handle Automobile/Motorcycle traumatic injury cases involving crashes when the victim gets hit by an 18 wheeler, we’re not driven solely by the cash prospects (which might motivate us to spend thousands of dollars on TV advertising to scoop up the clients and cull out only the very best cases for quick and easy settlements – hiring large staffs just to screen the calls) – but rather we’d prefer to take on cases for everybody – simply out of a desire to help people – and we will take a difficult case. We’d rather keep our overhead low and enjoy the process of helping people. While lawyers in the larger firms come and go, David Band supervises each case personally, and has developed a set of templates for the cases to be sure they proceed according to his tried and true processes.

The attorney spending tens of thousands of dollars (sometimes millions) to get your attention with those tacky huckster TV commercials (that are generic across the country with many attorneys, all with the same slogans and with the same “satisfied clients”) is very unlikely to talk to you unless your case is one of his major cases. Otherwise, you’re handled by paralegals and staff. The Band Law Firm believes in the old fashioned method of practicing law: Get to know your attorney personally, feel free to talk to him personally – any time -expect your phone calls to be returned – and work with him. David Band believes the catchy adverting campaigns to make prospective clients think they might win the lottery by calling some of these advertisers are disgraceful and demeaning to the legal profession. (We have no problem with tasteful and informative advertising). And those guys come and go, and probably won’t take your case unless it’s quick and easy, with huge damages, easily proven liability, deep insurance pockets, and a client who won’t hold out for the principal of full and fair compensation.

“DO IT YOURSELF LAW” (with the close assistance of your attorney) might not be far off in describing the methods by which the clients of David Band are invited to participate in the development of their case. We handle not only Personal Injury Cases but a wide variety of general interest cases. And we believe in involving the client to assist us with high tech collaboration. From this web site (see Personal Injury, Divorce,) particularly, the client is requested to submit/type up a detailed submission of the facts, names, addresses, phone numbers, and details of the offending circumstances – from which The Firm gleans the necessary data to “run with” for the rest of the case. We find that if the client is actively involved in preparing the issues, we produce more accurate and effective work, from which we “put the proper spin” into the pleadings and correspondence – which makes for a winning combination and a better result.


Many people in New Orleans rarely have an opportunity to talk to a lawyer who can speak their language about the most common problems facing life on the street in New Orleans: automobile liability issues, slip and fall, premises liability, landlord-tenant issues, criminal and traffic arrests, auto purchase and warranty issues, notarial matters, and other somewhat minor issues. The personal injury client (legitimate personal injury only – no runners, no feigned cashing in on public transportation accidents are tolerated, no hustlers and professional litigants) is often handled on a pure contingency basis where there is solid provable liability, insurance coverage, and more than just minor injuries.

At 422 S. Broad Street, walk-ins are welcome – and clients are often surprised to see an attorney sitting at the receptionist desk, ready to answer their questions without an appointment. (We do charge a minimum consultation fee of $25 for non-Personal Injury Cases)

Law Firm Goals – To Help All People – Promptly, for a reasonable price, with exceptional competence, and to ALWAYS BE AVAILABLE – to involve each client with the legal and factual issues in his case

David Band, while not a large firm with an overwhelming wealth of financial resources (we like to call it a Boutique Law Firm), is building a firm of specialists, and in any event, is well connected to many other specialists in the legal industry. Once you retain David Band, he will stay with your case, even though you may find your matter worked on by specialist attorneys you did not at first meet. In other words, you get personalized service with David Band, and also the best legal minds available.

David Band handles a wide variety of different legal problems, with an assistant trained to review the notarial demands and routine cases, and prepare the necessary acts and pleadings. We are able to instantly get to all courts in the New Orleans area by offering immediate responsiveness for filing and research in the libraries and courts and conveyance and mortgage offices.

Firm Principal’s Profile

David Band has been practicing law as a trial attorney in New Orleans for 42 years, since being admitted to the bar in 1970. He first practiced as an Assistant District Attorney under Jim Garrison, former District Attorney before Harry Connick, for whom he worked in Section F, Judge Oliver Schulingkamp, and Section B, Matthew Braniff, before being appointed head of Fraud and Rackets Division. After leaving the District Attorney’s Office, he settled in the area of the New Orleans Criminal Court Building at Tulane and Broad, and gradually developed a general practice, also earning an L.L.M. Masters in Admiralty for his work in maritime personal cases.

Mr. Band has automated many of the routine demand letters, suits, and notarial affidavits often needed by individuals to straighten out their every day dilemmas. Charges for these routine matters are reasonable because of the Band Law Firm’s use of templates from the computer, and are usually handled by his Paralegal, who is a Notary Public. Having multiple Notaries Public available provides an expedited process.

Mr. Band is now employing and recruiting additional young attorneys to assist him, doing the leg work, interviewing clients and handling simple cases – all subject to his close supervision. We have positions available for self-motivated lawyers who want to” hang out a shingle” and jump into the thick of the action with a special interest in developing a practice in criminal and domestic relations law.

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