New Orleans Divorce & Domestic Relations Law

(The Walk In Attorney) 

David Band has an active Domestic Relations and Divorce Practice. After a relationship has deteriorated past the point of reparation, sometimes (regrettably) it’s time to call it quits – but we try to keep the parties civil toward each other, for the children’s sake and the future. All too many expensive divorce lawyers with sumptuous offices actually foment strife and resentment to keep the healthy fees up. David Band will ALWAYS work towards reconciliation if possible, but if there’s no hope, he will IMMEDIATELY file the client’s Petition for Divorce and press to get the final decree as soon as possible. Increases and Decreases of Alimony and Child Support call for priority treatment and we have a good rapport with the Judges in the Domestic Relations sections of courts in both Orleans and Jefferson Parishes.


  • Can be granted within 7 days IF the parties have resided separate for over 6 months and are willing to sign waivers of all delays. If the parties are able to agree that divorce is the best for both side, we’ll file the Petition and make arrangments for the defending spouse to meet Mr. Band at Civil District Court in the driveway immediately after the filing to accept a Certified copy of the petition just then filed, and sign a Waiver of all Delays. With that document them immediately filed, Mr. Band will have the court grand a Preliminary Default, and your Divorce will be signed only three legal days later Be sure you’re ready, ’cause there’s no turning back, and you’ll be divorced so quickly your head will swim.
  • Adultery Divorces are available if the cheating party files no opposition
  • David Band’s prices are very reasonable and his response time is unbelievable

Child Support and Alimony

The parties need not get upset about this issue after they look at the “Guidelines” which are pretty much standard and set by the Louisiana Legislature for the benefit of the children. The father simply must accept that he has an indelible obligation to support his children, and the monthly amount will be determined simply by his income and the earnings capability of the mother. But once the amount is determined by the court, the Dad better pay on time, or he could be subject to severe contempt penalties – including jail – so it’s very important to prepare for the hearing to keep the amount manageable.

Other Domestic Relations Law Issues

We’ve handled a myriad of issues involving ancillary issues involving grandparent right’s to visitation and custody, Community Property issues, and the like.

Community Property

The problems involved in dividing the elements of property owned between spouses can become quite complicated and emotional. David Band hopes to keep the friction down and the parties cordial toward each other, but that often becomes difficult, and “time heals”. At the point of a divorce, possession is 9/10ths of the law sometimes becomes the rule except with respect to real estate and pensions, where the stakes can become quite large. Don’t expect to win big unless you’re fully prepared and willing to fight.  The first thing you must do it prepare a Sworn Descriptive List showing  all assets and liabilities.  From there, the parties must “traverse” each other’s descriptive lists, request the matter be set for hearing, and ultimately a Combined Sworn Descriptive List will be agreed upon by both attorneys.  The judge will first attempt to divide the property “in kind” and may order an “equalizing payment” .  It’s complicated and costly but David Band isn’t one of those fancy downtown lawyers who charge $350 an hour.  Our usual rate is $150 per hour.

Relief from Domestic Abuse

If a spouse is the victim of physical abuse, the courts will act IMMEDIATELY to place restraining orders in place against harassment and physical abus – the violation of which can trigger severe contempt penalties. Consult your attorney immediately.