Legal Specialties

Click on the brown underlined hyperlinks below to learn about our practice in the respective area of law. David Band has practiced for 50 years at Tulane and Broad in Injury Law and Criminal Defense but with an extensive range of expertise in the a variety of areas of law. We work usually for the individual as opposed to the corporate/defense client. WE FIGHT FOR THE LITTLE GUY in:

Personal Injury (click here for more information)

Mr. Band has himself had back surgery and understands the pain of a herniated disc and sciatica, and would never settle out a serious back case prematurely. The life long consequences are just too great to get hustled through a quick settlement. None of this flash in the pan, now you see the big advertising budget, now you don’t. David Band is there for his clients as the pages on this site will show for visitors who take the time to browse. Filing for a major personal injury case requires considerable resources, experience and tenacity on the part of your lawyer.

Maritime personal injury

Motorcycle Liability Cases

Auto Accident Litigation

Domestic Relations


If you want a divorce fast, David Band will get it for you before you would ever expect. Click the link above to read how.

Final Divorce Decrees

Child Support and Visitation

While the heavy hitters downtown require a $5,000 retainer up front for a half-way, well-heeled divorce client, David Band’s rates are half of that and he won’t nickel and dime you for every little letter and pleading. He’s aggressive and tenacious, and in it to help you get justice, not for his own fees. Furthermore, recent changes in child custody law, the “Relocation Statute” for changing your state of domicile after Hurricane Katrina, all call for specialized knowledge of domestic law.

Community Property

After the termination of the community property regime, insist on your just share. It dosen’t have to be a complicated thing. Make a list of the assets ahead of time and bring it in to the Band Law Firm and we’ll drop it into a Sworn Descriptive List and get you on track to getting your fair share (or preserving your estate whatever the case may be).

Criminal Law

Criminal Defense to Possession and Distribution of Drugs, Burglary, Theft, Economic crime.

Traffic Cases

Speeding, Careless Driving, etc. $500 and up; Driving while Intoxicated ($1,500)

Municipal Offenses

Such as Domestic Violence, Battery, Resisting Arrest. (It’s a pity that what arrestees don’t realize is that the Municipal Judge will look favorably on a Recognizance Bond if you have a competent attorney who will promise to sign the record and handle the defense, rather than if the defendant’s only objective is to get out of jail quickly. If the defendant first contacts a bonding company, he will pay out of the nose – 10% of a $40,000 bond is likely to cost $4,000 just to get out of jail – whereas for a nominal fee, Mr. Band will appear and work out a Recognizance Bond, and you’ll then have an attorney to defend the case after getting out of jail).

Breach of Contract – Civil Litigation

Mr. Band handles most general civil disputes on an hourly basis. If you are sued, be sure to note that the Citation from the court orders you to file an Answer to the Suit within 15 days or a default judgment will be taken against you. Mr. Band will file your answer and block the default, and thereafter prepare the case to minimize your legal exposure to damages.

Notarial Practice:

We have a commissioned Notary Public, Susan Bergeron, on premises full time from 9 to 5 each day (even while Mr. Band is not on site) who is available for preparation of acts, affidavits and simple notarizations.

Simple Notarization of pre-prepared affidavits, applications, documents $20

Affidavits, prepared and notarized $60

Powers of Attorney starting at $60

Auto Title Transfers/Bills of Sale (not including the actual license plate) $60

Wills and Trusts $100

Transfers or Closings of Real Estate $350 (plus recording/filing costs) Not including title search or title exam

Out of Office Notarizations – Home, hospital, jail $150