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Simple Solutions for Mundane Legal Problems

Dealing with Automobile Mechanics

When dealing with an automobile mechanic, be sure to take the time to draw up a list of what you expect done to your car and the agreed price. A sample draft of a “contract” (anything in writing can be a contract) will be provided to this link in a few days. But you can do it on your own, simply by having the mechanic signify he understand what you want and has agreed to a fixed price. If you have it drawn up in advance, he’ll be only to happy to sign it to get the business, and later you can nail him for failing to deliver what you’ve established he failed to produce.

Suspended Driving License

The State of Louisiana is becoming more and more efficient in dealing with driver’s licenses. If you have failed to appear in Traffic Court on the date schedules for your traffic ticket, it is highly likely a notice of your failure to appear has been sent to the State Motor Vehicle Department and your license has been suspended (after a year or so).

If that is the case, you will have to face the music, present yourself at the court, beg forgiveness and ask a trial be set, to even begin the license of getting your suspended license reinstated. ALWAYS HIRE A LAWYER, who will often simply be able to hold the State to its burden of proof of guilt, and have the whole case thrown out simply by requesting a trial. And the courts don’t have time to listen to your rambling excuses, but they will listen to your attorney. You have to go to a certain amount of inconvenience, and an attorney is virtually imperative, but in the end you will save the conviction on your record, and have your license reinstated. After resolving the matter in Traffic Court, you will have to deal with the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles), all of which can get pretty daunting unless you have the assistance of an attorney who knows the ropes.

Notarial Issues

To get property released by the Police Department or the DA after a case is completed, simply walk in the door of our law clinic, we’ll prepare an affidavit to the effect that the evidence is no longer needed and that you are the rightful owner, and the property will be shortly be released to you.

School Affidavits

If a child desires to go to a better school than in the neighborhood, some parents actually have the child stay with other relatives nearer the desired school. An affidavit that the child is temporarily in the custody of these other relatives will often suffice for the desired school to admit this child.