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The Personal Injury Case is the mainstay of The Band Firm Law Practice

Personal Injury Practice in Louisiana

  • Maritime Personal Injury
  • Automobile Accidents
  • Premises Liability

Cases Handled

We have handled Personal Injury Cases for 50 years in a wide variety of fields.  A Plaintiff having suffered personal injury because of a serious accident involving personal injuries requiring hospitalization is often in a precarious predicament – being out of work, with no source of income, no hope of where the next grocery payment will come from. David Band is experienced in jumping immediately into action to notify the employer or immediate person responsible that the claimant has a problem that he attributes to the work related accident (in the case of a seaman or maritime worker) and that immediately, a claim is to be presented to the liable party’s insurance carrier. Such a practice requires a skill in promptly investigating the issues of liability and seaman’s status, and make the technically appropriate demands to the employer or tort feasor to accept the responsibility of paying day to day living expenses.

NOBODY preserves your personal injury evidence (photographs of the injury, accident scene, etc.) better or faster for the most effective presentation to adjusters in court. David Band is an expert photographer and will take brilliant photos immediately which is the secret way to get top dollar for a PI case.  He was a journalist (Public Affairs Officer) for a two-star U.S. Army Reserve logistics command  which serving his country as a JAG (legal) officer.

Mr. Band has himself had successful back surgery, a very serious leg injury from a motorcycle accident, and understands the pain of a herniated disc and sciatica, and has a titanium implant holding the bones of his left leg together, and would never settle out a serious personal injury case prematurely, before all treatment has run its course and the full residual effect of the injury is quantifies. The life long consequences are just too great to get hustled through a quick settlement. None of this flash-in-the-pan, now you see the big advertising budget, now you don’t. David Band is there for his clients as the pages on this site will show for visitors who take the time to browse.

Maritime and Jones Act Cases – Seamen’s Personal Injury

David Band holds a Masters in Admiralty Law from Tulane University School of Law. Accordingly, he is specially trained in the litigation of Jones Act, 905(B) Litigation involving injuries to Seamen and Harborworkers.

Tractor-Trailer, Motor Vehicle Accidents

In the case of Automobile accidents, the proactive attorney is required to establish contact immediately with the liable party to confirm insurance coverage as well as provable liability for the accident In the case of extremely serious injuries.  A competent attorney will investigate not only the insurance coverage available to the immediately liable party, but also the Uninsured Motorist Coverage available to the client, as well as any third party liability possibilities. David Band will immediately counsel with the client all possibilities and develop all avenues of recovery thoroughly.

Motorcycle Accidents

(What you need to know about Motorcycle Law) Be sure you have plenty of UM – Uninsured Motorist protection – on your regular motorcycle liability policy and even on top in the form of an “Umbrella Policy” in the event you are a home owner. Umbrella coverage – which stacks beyond the limits provided in your Auto UM coverage – is usually not very expensive and protects YOU, not the other guy.  In the event of a motorcycle accident, bones are broken and extremely serious injuries result which are compensable by insurance.

Slip and Fall, Landlord-Tenant claims, Ruinous Conditions on Property

Premises Liability Cases can be quite difficult at times, and require immediate investigation, photographs, taking statements of witnesses, and thorough preparation. In today’s times of tightened standards for proving “Slip and Fall” cases, the unprepared lawyer will easily LOSE. David Band will develop all possible issues of evidence and law and nail down the liability issues to avoid giving the client any false confidences.