Criminal, Traffic and Municipal Law in New Orleans

David Band is AVAILABLE 24 HOURS PER DAY. CALL 504-0259-5150 FOR AFTER HOURS RELEASE FROM JAIL. Mr. Band is frequently seen in the Criminal, Traffic and Municipal Courts of New Orleans

Traffic Court

  • Every day hundreds of defendants with traffic tickets appear in Traffic Court without counsel, plead guilty and pay hundreds of dollars in fines, as well as suffering stains on their driving records that cost them dearly in terms of increased insurance premiums. With an attorney, the chances are vastly improved that your case will simply be dropped (Nolle Prosquied by the City Attorney) or reduced to a manageable matter – It’s well worth it. Here’s a link to the New Orleans Traffic Court where you’ll be able to see how expensive it can be without an attorney.
  • DWI Bonds set and arranged 24 hours a day, Court Appearances at arraignment and Trial, Administrative Hearings with the State of Louisiana, Department of Safety and Corrections.
  • Criminal Court Defendants need an attorney immediately to deal with the Screening Division of the District Attorney’s Office to show them NOT to accept the charges filed by the Police Investigating Officer.

Municipal Capabilities

Traffic Tickets

Simply by entrusting to David Band your traffic Citations, you will be surprised at how much you can save, most or all of fines and costs, and your driving record.

A Driving While Intoxicated Conviction will hurt you for years

While there is never a guarantee, the chances of getting a plea reduction are quite good. DWI’s are much harder, but can very likely be plea bargained down to a manageable non alcohol related plea, saving you thousands of dollars in increased insurance premiums.

It is IMPERATIVE that a defendant, having received a DWI, file for an Administrative Hearing within 10 days of receiving the ticket – otherwise your license will be administratively suspended for 90 days just because you blew in excess of .10, the presumptive limit of Blood Alcohol Level. But bear in mind that the Administrative Hearing and Administrative Process for a license suspension is in addition to the criminal proceeding in Traffic Court, where you will have to go before a Traffic Judge to defend your charges. David Band will appear in both proceedings for you, ensure that the proper subpoenas are issued for the arresting officer(s) in the administrative proceedings so that, if the arresting officer doesn’t show up (and they usually don’t) you win by default and do not suffer the automatic suspension of your license.

David Band is a Member of DUI Defenders, a nationwide network of DUI Attorneys Here’s an incredible helpful Link to an exclusively DUI attorney in Arizona who has the right idea about the way to handle these cases: David Alan Darby seems to have the right pit bull mentality it takes to handle exclusively Criminal Cases. David Band seeks to adopt the same mentality through handling many other matters.

New Orleans Traffic Court Fine Schedule

If you chose to defend yourself or simply pay a traffic ticket in New Orleans, the following (which may be outdated as fines are always on the increase) is what you can expect (PLUS COURT COSTS AND OTHER HIDDEN FEES):


1-9 miles over the limit $114.00

10-14 Miles over the limit $214.00

15-20 miles over the limit $239.00

No Seat Belt:

Children 5 years and under $129.00

6 years old to adult $25.00

License Plate/Equipment violations $109.00

Improper Turns: $109.00

Impeding Traffic $109.00

Improper Lane Usage $129.00

Brake Tag: $159.00

Failure to use Reasonable Vigilance $159.00

Failure to Yield, Red Light, Stop Sign, Driving Against Traffic, Following too Closely, Improper Starting/Backing, Failure to Obey Officer’s Signal, No Registration, No Title, Failure to Transfer Title: $179.00

Careless Operation, Passing a Stopped School Bus